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How to Choose Right Business Coach

A business coach can assist with things as specific as making sales presentations or as broad as developing a long-term growth plan for your business. Determine those areas in which you need the most help, and make a commitment to finding a qualified expert.


Personalities don't always click. You may discover that an otherwise perfect business coach is difficult to work with, or doesn't fully understand your perspective. (For example, many female entrepreneurs prefer working a business coach who is also a woman.) Your coach should be someone who earns your trust and confidence, not intimidates you into following his or her advice.



Once you know where you want to go, figure out what’s stopping you  from getting there. Why do you need a business coach right now?

To keep you accountable to take the right actions?

To help you get over your own limiting beliefs, fears or mind blocks?

Or to map out a strategic and actionable marketing plan for you?

Now is the time to get absolutely clear on your exact needs so you can choose the right expert for you.



This one is important, and may be a key factor in determining whether a business coach is right for you.Try and sample the work of a few selected coaches. While quite a few people may be able to guide you in your journey, each coach will have his or her own unique approach, signature style of working with clients, and methods and strategies they swear by.

Instead of diving in headfirst, dip your toes in and try a sample of their work. Sign up for a free course or a challenge they may be offering. Or attend their live trainings, workshops or webinars to get a flavor.

Do you resonate with their style? Do they inspire you? Will you enjoy working with them? These are all important questions to ask yourself at this stage.



I have worked with several coaches over the past years who made me feel giddy with excitement every time I signed up for their program, or every time I experienced their work. Investing in them made me feel like I was investing in myself and my dreams, not just signing up for yet another business building program. On the other hand, I have also worked with a few coaches that definitely weren’t the right fit for me. I didn’t feel aligned or excited while working with them, and this absolutely reflected in the results I was able to achieve.

So here’s the most important piece of advice I have for you - trust your instincts. Yes, you can seek social reviews (Google Rating), read up on testimonials and do your research, but ultimately, go with your gut feeling. 

Even as a business coach advisor myself, working with the right coaches has been my best business investment till date. Whether I was seeking expertise, accountability or just a partner to help me get out of my own way, I have experienced significant spurts of growth by working with the right people at different stages of my business.

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